As you may know, our club is always on the lookout for new volunteers. As a valued member of our community, we would appreciate a volunteer commitment from you if you would be prepared to share an hour or two each week to help us out. Below is a list of tasks which need to be done every week. None of these jobs last any more than one hour and will be reviewed every three months, so the minimum commitment you can give is one hour per week and for three months. If after this time you wish to end your involvement, that is fine, but we would hope you would continue to help us out. We would be very grateful if would consider joining as a volunteer, your help would make a big difference to our club. After all we are a friendly bunch. If you would like any information please reach out to any of our committee.

Below are examples of how much work can be done in one hour per week and those longer term commitments;

  • Sell some lotto tickets or help out on other fundraising
  • Coaching or helping with the session.
  • Clean up’s of our grounds and facilities
  • Wash jerseys for one of the teams.
  • Put out the flags before a match.
  • Update website.
  • Assist with club shop/club merchandise.
  • Give lifts to our away matches.
  • Help out on the committee
  • Become a club officer
  • Become a Mentor

Become a Volunteer today